Greenwalt CPAs

Greenwalt CPAs

Indianapolis, Indiana – United States

Established in 1945, Greenwalt adheres to the philosophy that CPAs should be more than accountants, but also our clients most trusted business confidants.

We know the best way for a relationship to succeed is to operate in lockstep with the strategic plan of every organization we serve. We emphasize collaboration and recognize the value that multiple points of view can bring to the table.

At Greenwalt, our organization is divided into industry-specific teams that continually build their skills and knowledge base and make it their mission to know every detail about your organization. This means you have a PhD level of expertise at your company’s disposal, completely dedicated to your success.


Main Office

5342 W Vermont Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46224
United States


Anita W. Sherman
Fax: 317-240-4485
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