Fiscal Line S.L.

Fiscal Line S.L.

28028 Madrid – Spain

FISCAL LINE S.L. is a Fiscal Consulting and Auditing Company created in 2005 to offer global fiscal services from Spain. The main office is in the capital, Madrid, with delegates in Valencia, Zaragoza, Palma de Mallorca and Pontevedra, with plans to open additional branches in Spain.


Main Office:

6 bajo Ruiz Perello
28028 Madrid


Alvaro Donoso
+34 91 356 50 75
Fax: 34-91-356-94-74
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Accounting, Audit, Compliance, Corporate Finance, Corporate Recovery, Data Protection, Domestic tax, International Tax, Legal, Legal financial advisory, Management Services, Nonpublic Audit, Reviews, Risk security reports, Trusts


Agriculture, Charity, Chemical, Construction, Distribution, Education, Food Service, Government, Pharmaceuticals, Professional Services, Real Estate, Research and Development, Retail/Export/Service and Trade Companies, Telecommunications, Transportation, Wholesale