COKINOS Auditores e Consultores

COKINOS Auditores e Consultores

São Paulo, SP – Brazil

Since August 1990, COKINOS Auditores e Consultores is the result of the union of professionals with wide experience in serving a varied portfolio of clients in the areas of auditing, consulting, taxation, expert assistance, company valuations and other services.
Our team keeps up-to-date technically through continuous training by accredited entities.
Our partners are all graduated accountants and graduated pros with additional training in other specialties, and maintain records in the country’s oversight bodies such as CFC, CNAI, CVM, Central Bank of Brazil, Susep and OCB.


Main Office

Rua Estela, 515 Bloco F 191
Central Park Ibirapuera
Vila Mariana
São Paulo, SP CEP 04011-001


(5511) 5085 0280

Branch Office:

Rua Rangel Pestana, 828 Sala 71
Edificio Jatobá
Jundiaí, CEP 13201-000
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