Asia Pacific Certified Public Accountants (Group) Co., Ltd.

Asia Pacific Certified Public Accountants (Group) Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen – China

Asia (Group) Accounting Firm (hereinafter referred to as the Asia-Pacific) predecessor was founded in 1984 in Henan’s first CPA – Certified Public Accountants in Henan Province. 1993 changed its name to Asia Pacific accounting firm, in 1994 and achieved securities and futures-related business qualification, in November 1998, the Ministry of Finance by the National Association for the word (1998) No. 22, approved in the Asia-Pacific regional absorbed Shenzhen accounting matters the basis of Henan Asia-Pacific accounting firms and other intermediary agencies, the formation of the Asia-Pacific Group of Certified Public accountants, 2001, in accordance with the requirements of the implementation of the Reorganization of the State Council on economic-verification social intermediary organizations and government departments, by professionals funded by the restructuring Asia (Group) CPA Limited. October 2009, in order to better development, the Asia-Pacific Group and the registered headquarters to Beijing. In November 2013, according to the Ministry of Finance on the 12th [2010], “issued on <Ministry of Finance, Business Administration and medium-sized accounting firms on promoting the use of special general partnership form of organization of the Interim Provisions” notice “requirement, the Beijing Municipal Finance Beijing Bureau of Accounting license [2013] No. 0052 “agreed to establish the Asia-Pacific (Group) Certified Public accountants (special general partnership) replied” approval Asia (Group) CPA Limited changed its name to the whole of Asia (Group) Accounting firm (special general partnership). Asia-Pacific is accompanied by the tide of economic reform, in the service of building a market economy under the purpose of inter-provincial formation of a national, large-scale integrated accounting intermediary groups. Currently state-owned enterprises, with the Ministry of Finance, securities and futures-related business qualification China Securities Regulatory Commission approved an audit of the Ministry of Finance, the financial audit related business qualifications approved by the People’s Bank of China, Ministry of Finance and the former State Economic and Trade Commission recognized debt audit assessment qualifications; and Grade construction engineering cost consulting qualifications approved by the department and the judiciary recognized forensic accounting, evaluation, computer, identification of eligible project cost. In 2001, Asia Pacific and Moores Rowland International Accounting Organization reached an agreement to become a member, initially with international standards in professional standards, practice norms. In 2011, the Asia-Pacific joined the international organization – the International Union of Accountants firm (CPAAI), in its framework, shared resources and common development.


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