Ark Consulting

Ark Consulting

Budapest – Hungary

Providing supportive background has been the mission of our company since 2001. Our major ambition is to create complete trust among our clients and colleagues and to sustain it on a long term. The properties and values of our clients are in safe since our colleagues help our clients using their up-to-date knowledge.

We have been taught by experience gained throughout the years that corporate management, precise financial management and accounting service constitute the basis of planning predictability.

In order to create security, efficient and unique solutions are proposed in the following fields:

  • delivering accounting services
  • making and checking accounting documentation
  • payroll and personnel administration
  • domestic tax planning and international tax advising
  • professional representation at authorities
  • conducting financial and accounting assessment
  • cooperation in introducing a Corporate Management System

Main Office:

1064 Bp., Izabella Str. 66. III/26.


Zsolt Ilyes
+36 [1] 322-4260
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