Member Discounts for Products and Services

Member Discounts for Products and Services

The Association offers discounts to our North America members for products and services that include:

• PPC Products from Thomson Reuters
• CCH Tax and Accounting Products
• John Wiley Accounting and Business Publications
• RIA Tax Guides
• Loscalzo Associates In House Seminars
• Becker CPA Exam Review
• Transworld/NCO Collection Services
• Gatekeeper Business Solutions
• IDEA Data Analysis Software
• Time Value Software
• ProfitCents Analytical Software
• Audit Analytics Industry Marketing Intelligence Service
• MHM Resources Practice Development Products
• BizActions Marketing System
• for Helping Clients Trade Internationally
• Allied Business Network of Office Products and Services

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CPAAI (CPA Associates International) is pleased to announce a merger with MGI Worldwide, effective 1st January 2020.
The newly created organisation will comprise more than 250 accounting, tax and consulting firms in almost 100 countries throughout the world.

For more information, please read our Press Release.