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    Member Benefits

    Moving Forward, Working Together.

When you become a member of CPA Associates International, you become part of a global alliance of professionals. All our members are welcoming, friendly, approachable, diverse and professional.

Membership Benefits Include:

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A year-round program of activities includes meetings, seminars, conferences and member surveys. Our regional teams also enable sharing of information and resources, as well as providing a channel of communication for referrals and joint engagement work. The CPA Associates International global membership directory includes extensive lists of firm services and specializations for all association members. In addition, Association members are linked to fellow members through email practice groups all listed on the association website. Members have access a library of resources and practice aids.

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By forging strong links with other CPAAI members, you can provide multi-national service that is both low risk and low investment. The formation of strategic alliances or relying on your fellow CPAAI members for authoritative guidance and support, you will be able to advise your clients reliably on the needs and protocols of the local market, without sacrificing your independence.

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In many countries we offer exclusivity to our members, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that you will not be in competition locally with other CPAAI members. In countries or states where we have multiple memberships, members work closely together for mutual benefit.

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As well as holding regular seminars and conferences and through our educational programs, we encourage the sharing of news, information and comments relevant to today’s global professional service firms. The Association has designed specialized programs to deliver educational and professional development to members. These programs also create opportunities for members to build relationships, network and identify potential referrals.