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    Europe / Middle East / Africa

    39 member firms with over 100
    offices throughout the region.

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With a wide variety of languages, cultures and regulatory regimes, doing business across the Europe, Middle East and Africa region can be challenging. In many countries, personal relationships are the foundation of good business practice.

As a member of CPAAI, you can benefit from the kind of regionalised market access and expertise usually only available to a major multi-national firm. You can also offer your services to help other members and their clients widen their business horizons.

You'll be part of our EMEA region that comprises over 39 member firms with over 100 offices. Each member has in-depth understanding of local business culture and compliance protocols – both vital when you're targeting a new market.

We offer exclusivity in many countries. Alternatively, we support mutually productive working where there is more than one member.

Key member benefits include:

  • Access to the knowledge and expertise of reliable, locally based professionals.
  • Regular networking opportunities, helping you build productive, durable relationships on a personal and business basis.
  • Knowledge and information sharing through meetings, conferences, seminars, focus groups and member surveys.
  • Best practice guidance and continuing CPD.